Cristina Simeoni lives and works in Mantova.
Driven by art passion, she started painting from her earliest years taking part to "Madonnari" gatherings (painters who paint sacred images on the floor by using chalks only),specializing herself in drawings and oil technique. At the beginning of the 90's she worked at scene-painting for staging en plen air and after the technical school-leaving, attended painting and decorative art lessons.
Till today Cristina has taken part many national and international exhibitions in important cities & touristic towns with an excellent audience and critics reply.
Her works are reproduced in important art books and are present in public and private collections.

My name is Cristina Simeoni, I am a visual artist and I create abstract paintings. I'm specialized in oil and acrylic painting. I enjoy working with structure pastes to create textured works and often I incorporate materials such as natural fibers, stone and metal.
Art has always been my passion. I've always thought that complicating is easy while simplifying is difficult. This is why I strive to create elegant paintings with clean, refined lines and attention to the smallest details. My aim is to create elegant and essential pieces that convey light and harmony, that evoke emotion in viewers and encourage them to reflect and contemplate.
Up to this day, I have taken part in many national and international exhibitions in major cities and tourist destinations, with an excellent reception from audiences and critics alike. My works have been reproduced in renowned art books and are held in both public and private collections, both nationally and internationally.


Art is the most sincere and direct way I know to express myself and not making art is like to lose the ability to communicate.

I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. Only child, I spent many moments alone and art has always been my companion, my pastime, my refuge.

At the beginning of my artistic career, I was focused on realist painting. I painted what I saw, it was a safe ground to take my first steps in the art world and to find a match in those who observed my paintings. Growing, this wasn't enough and on the canvas, I felt the need to express not just the images I saw but the The feelings that they aroused in me.

Painting mostly at night, because by day I was doing another job, I created the first series of works, night landscapes surrounded by warm lights that lit the canvas. Night views have gradually become more essential and my painting has been focusing exclusively on light.

Thus was born the “lights” collection, geometric elements emerged out of the darkness with sudden chromatic ignitions. It was during the visit to the Mirò Foundation in Spain which observing the work of this great artist, something unexpected happened. A breack in my mind and heart. Not only did I understood abstract art but had entered my soul with such strength and passion such as to cause an irrepressible emotion that ended in tears. From that moment, my artistic production would be totally changed. I didn’t need real images anymore as a starting point but only the sensations, the emotions that I felt and that I wanted to communicate to the observer of my paintings.

Abstract art communicates directly to the soul, without passing through the eye filter. This awareness excited and scared me at the same time; to express my art sincerely, I had to represent what I felt without the warm and safe blanket of figurative painting. My artistic journey continued towards abstraction, purity and essentiality of forms. This is how my last works were born and I arrived at the white.

White represents synthesis.

The floating atmosphere of absolute silence that always I have looked for in my works, is enclosed in a single color.

All in one color. The White.

“White is such a high world compared to us that we don't hear its sound. We only hear an immense silence. It is a silence that is not dead, but is full of potential ". That's what wrote W. Kandinskij, Father of Abstractionism in "The Spiritual in Art".

I always have thinked that complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult.

The aim is to remove the superfluous to reach the essence of things and represent them in their essentiality and simplicity.

I love to use white in the structures that I shape on the canvas, it is the "non-color" that most reflects the light, which always has been the subject of my works. The light that I have always tried to capture thus becomes the author of chiaroscuro that change with the passing of the day.

So in my research, right now, white is the answer.

The material comes to life on the pictorial support thanks to the light that breaks, creeps and runs through every shape, thickness and wave created by this refined artist.

Abstract paintings, usually in shades of white or iridescent colors that offer textures where the true protagonist is the light that gives shape to the artwork as the hours pass. Minimalist artworks create a fluid flow inside the room and can bring a sense of freedom, calm and brightness to any soul and space.




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"Artedonna" Castello Visconteo Comune di Pandino (Cremona) - Italy

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